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‘Success is not just about Achieving Peak Performance but discovering new Peaks in all areas of Life with the right values, beliefs and actions. Through our unique and powerful interventions we act as a catalyst helping Individuals, Teams and Organizations create mega possibilities and live the highest potential format’

Cogniizant Transformation


»   Facilitating insightful workshops with depth,
     high energy and humour

»    Driving learning reinforcement tools for sustenance
» Experts in driving Breakthrough and Experiential

about harrish sairaman

Philosophy – 'The time and energy that individuals and teams give to me is never going to come back into their lives again! Hence, my focus, intent and energies are towards giving them a worthwhile transformational experience, high end learning and help them break barriers and experience Peak Performance in the areas they desire and deserve',

Approach - I believe in a High Energy, insightful learning experience driven with impactful activities to bring in a shift. The sessions must and they do 'Empower' participants. Passion and enjoyment while learning, working and LIVING is a great approach and an approach I follow.

Title- Founder of Cogniizant Transformation and Co Founder of The Next Dimension

Strength and Credentials –
  • Successfully driven over 800 workshops touching lives of over 5,00,000 participants
  • Ability to drive great insightful sessions with humor and high energy
  • Using great scientific time tested approach in all workshops
  • Masters in Business Administration and Marketing
  • Masters in Sciences Like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Kinesiology, Integral Eye Movement Therapy, Subconscious Programming, Hypnotherapy, Conversational Hypnosis for performance improvement
  • Certified Performance and Life Coach
  • Advance Trainer and Facilitator of Breakthrough Activities – Like Fire Walk, Rod Bending, Broken Glass Walk and Tile breaking along with experiential and adventure activities

our signature programs

Achieving Peak Performance (APP)

The power of Willingness, Creating a Powerful Environment, Intrinsic Motivation, Driving Ownership, Change vs. Transformation, The power of Perceptions and Beliefs, Breaking Belief Barriers, Perceptual difficulty vs. Reality, Kinesiology Breakthrough Activity, Relationship Mastery, Brainstorming for section action steps and Imprinting technique. Option of driving Broken Glass Walk, Fire Walk, Rod Bending and other Team Building Activities

Achieving Peak Performance Level 2 (APP – 2)

Influential Skills, Power of Questioning, The magic of Focus, Advance Goal Setting, NLP – Influencing and Rapport Building, Value Hierarchy and influencing the human needs to build inspiration, Subconscious Programming etc Option of driving Broken Glass Walk, Fire Walk, Rod Bending and other Team Building Activities

Sales Mastery

Psychology of Selling, Building the Right Attitude, Changing Beliefs to achieve goals, Creating Quantum Goals, Goal Setting Exercise, Ownership, Selling Strategies, Covert and Overt Influencing Skills, Negotiation Skills and Closing Strategies.



Harrish has been instrumental in bringing about a new dimension to an outbound programme with the element of creativity and personal transformation which has led many an employee to make a huge shift in his/her self confidence/ self esteem and thereby achieve peak performance.

- Anuji George-Advani, Head-Learning Governance, Siemens Ltd

"We wanted to do a program for our senior management team which could help them realize their potentials and open up their minds to achieving the impossible. Harrish has been able to bring that to the table. He has an innovative approach to trainings and incredible subject knowledge. 'Peak Performance Programming' was a wonderful experience"

- Ravishankar G, Ex-Managing Director & CEO, Geometric Ltd

Dear Harrish, I would like to thank you for your sessions on Achieving Peak Performance at the Tech Mahindra and Mahindra
Satyam CREATE Program.
The CREATE Program aims to build Business and Technical Leaders of the future and having the right mindset is essential for this...more...

- Riyaz Mulla, Location Head – Education Services Group, Tech Mahindra


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